About Us

Intaste Jewellery is a new brand introducing exotic seed jewellery from the rainforests of South America.

Intaste Jewellery is dedicated to organic jewellery designs and crafts. All of our products are hand crafted by the indigenous people of Ecuador using only natural materials.

Our design stock is currently a wide selection of Palm Ivory from the Tagua tree of Ecuador. As many of the products are uni-sex, this recently new industry has started to thrive In the United States and Australia, through the awareness of beach surfers.

We also offer a growing selection of jade craft. All of our products are received elegantly gift boxed.

Intaste Jewellery supports this growing new industry. The harvest of the Tagua seedpod reclaims more and more rainforest from deforestation; it creates a much-needed commodity to the region and potentially lessons the threat to the elephant.

Intaste Jewellery also supports the awareness of a finite planet; the present and future need for an ever increasing ethical market and the promotion of natural produce.

Change the way you think and change the world.



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